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Help Companies Conquer Their Healthcare Costs and Chronic Disease


Ambassador Training Process

Our three step plan guides you through the entire J2H Ambassador process. You can grow your health coaching business by using the Journey 2 Health platform and start selling your services to companies, not just individuals.

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1. Request an Invitation

For trained health coaches, you can apply for an invitation to join our next ambassador training program. The EHOP Health team will review your qualifications to ensure there is a mutual fit.

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2. Complete Training

You can complete the online ambassador training in just 1 month. Experience the platform as a user with 3 lessons per week with lessons around implementation best practices and coaching tips from our experienced Journey 2 Health coaches. Enjoy the fireworks each time you complete a lesson!

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3. Market to Small Businesses

You will be equipped to begin selling a complete corporate coaching program to small and mid-sized companies. With the J2H platform you can confidently offer a science-driven online curriculum for all employees and your personal health coaching services for those ready to make a change in their lifestyles.



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Don’t Feel Alone Anymore as a Coach

Serving as a coach with EHOP is such a gift and I’m truly grateful. We walk alongside our clients who are transforming their lives to reclaim their health.
— Sarah, EHOP Health Coach
This company is about people first and yet we also have the most premier technology available. It’s a win-win for any coach who is passionate about fostering positive change in clients.
— Jeanine, EHOP Health Coach

Receive the Support You Need to Succeed


Web & Mobile APP Tools FOR cLIENT Engagement

Offer a proven coaching program that reverses chronic disease. The Journey 2 Health platform includes a 12-month online curriculum for employees to learn how to Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well available on a web and mobile app. Additional features on the J2H Platform for users include:

  • Daily check-in

  • Food Diary

  • Activity Tracker with Fitbit Integration

  • Secure Coach-Client Messaging

  • Assessment Surveys and Biometric Result Dashboard

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Fast & Efficient online tRAINING

Request an invitation to our 1-month online training program to become an approved J2H Coach Ambassador. You will gain access to the J2H app to begin your training course. You can then start selling and implementing the Journey 2 Health coaching program to begin helping businesses reduce their healthcare costs and chronic disease.



Provide the Secrets 2 Health presentation video to your clients. This exclusive 1-hour presentation is recorded in both English and Spanish by the EHOP Health co-founders, Drs. Joe Jenkins and B.J. Lawson. This is a great way to begin your client engagement, providing immediate value and getting your client about their personal health journey.


sales & marketing training

EHOP Health provides J2H Ambassadors with marketing collateral including infographics and proposal templates to assist in the sales process. Monthly webinars are provided for ongoing training for ambassadors as well. We can even join sales calls or meetings when appropriate.



J2H Coach Ambassadors are generously rewarded for selling and implementing the Journey 2 Health program. Ambassadors receive full backend and billing support from EHOP Health. As a health coach your focus can remain on coaching and the client relationship and not worrying about the administrative tasks.


Investment Level

In 2019 we are offering the Journey 2 Health Coach Ambassador program to a select group of approved coaches for a one time payment of $499. Interested in requesting an invitation for our next cohort?

Request Your Invitation

Interested in becoming a certified Journey 2 Health Coach Ambassador? Request an invitation by completing the form below and an EHOP Health team member will contact you regarding next steps.

The next cohort is scheduled to begin on October 14, 2019.

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