The EHOP™ rewards your employees for good health:

  • Help employees improve their health
  • Incentivize employee participation
  • Save money by keeping what you don't spend


Start by giving employees the information they need to be individually successful in improving health.


Incentivize participation and outcomes using a variety of reporting metrics.


Improved health leading to fewer healthcare needs creates long-term savings.


Pursue Better Health

The Employee Health Ownership Program (EHOP) combines the Feel Your Best™ program and Journey 2 Health™ with your overall benefit plan to engage and educate all of your employees in pursuit of better health.

The Feel Your Best program delivers a simple yet effective curriculum teaching your employees to Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well. The Journey 2 Health partners targeted individuals with a dedicated health coach for one-on-one encouragement and accountability.

Together, these programs build a lifetime of healthy habits to improve health, reverse many chronic diseases, and reduce the need for healthcare services.

Engage and Reward

The EHOP engages employees in understanding their own health risks, and empowers them to reverse chronic disease and improve their health. While improved health and vitality is its own reward, the EHOP provides a variety of metrics so your plan can offer meaningful participation and outcome incentives.

Keep What You Save

If you are fully insured, your healthcare benefits are 100% fixed cost, with costs going up each year.

If you are self insured, fewer healthcare needs and reduced healthcare spending translates directly into plan savings that can be reinvested in your business.

The EHOP is a multi-year strategy for building a healthy company -- both maximizing savings for self-insured companies, and helping fully-insured companies improve their risk profile perhaps for an eventual transition to self-insurance.


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