Health comes from making healthy choices. What if you could cut through the noise, and give your employees accurate and personalized information to optimize their health?

The Feel Your Best campaign starts with a site-specific educational kickoff tailored to the client's needs and environment. Participating employees learn how to peform a simple, non-invasive health assessment through our J2H app, and receive information that helps them Eat Well, Move Well, and Live Well.

The Feel Your Best campaign helps employees take stock of how they're feeling, understand their risks for certain preventable diseases, and learn ways to start on the path to improved health so they can feel their best. Unlike a visit to the doctor, where nonspecific symptoms are generally ignored unless they are severe enough to demand medication or treatment, the Feel Your Best program starts with the assertion that you should always feel your best.

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Nonspecific symptoms -- not feeling your best -- are your body trying to tell you something. By teaching employees how to recognize their symptoms, we provide tools and knowledge that put the individual employee in control of a lifelong process to optimize health and wellness. As they participate, they will both feel and see the results.

In many cases, just knowing what you should be doing may not be enough. A personal relationship with an experienced and empathetic coach and counselor provides the motivation, encouragement, and accountability to experience the benefits of healthy lifestyle change. That's the value of our accompanying Journey 2 Health.

Transforming a hectic life into a healthy life is achievable with knowledge, planning and support.


As administrator of the program, the J2H application is clean, easy to use, full of useful information and videos, and has great workouts that can be streamlined for each individual need or limitation. The EHOP Health team is professional, knowledgeable, helpful and kind.

The message, "Eat Well, Move Well, Live Well", is simple in its approach, but still covers all that is necessary to truly achieve the life long journey to health. Coaches are very engaged with their teams and our employee team members are really enjoying the individual coaching they are receiving.

J. Haltom Director of Human Resources
Harriss & Covington Hosiery Mills


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