Leadership Team

Here is a snapshot of the EHOP Health team. We believe everyone should feel their best and have a cool nickname. Learn more about our passions (and nicknames) below.


Joe Jenkins, md: Co-founder & president

Whether as a practicing doctor or an entrepreneurial healthcare CEO, Dr. Jenkins has always thought outside the box. He co-founded EHOP Health to change stale, outdated processes and help employees achieve more successful health outcomes. Most importantly he seems to know everyone and thus has the nickname of “Bacon” in honor of 6-Degrees of Kevin Bacon.


William “B.J.” Lawson, MD: co-founder & ceo

B.J. studied biomedical and electrical engineering before receiving his medical degree at Duke. He co-founded EHOP Health to reform health care by aligning the interests of employers and employees in the pursuit of long term health. He gained the nickname “Dos Equis” from the team as he seemed to do anything needed and is one of the most interesting guys in any room.


Sarah Schall, Health Coach

Sarah is a former volleyball athlete and strength and conditioning coach. She oversees the “Move Well” curriculum in the J2H app. She is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and has also developed a mentorship program called "Inside-Out Strong" teaching girls how to be strong. She is affectionately called “Poster Child” thanks to her banner image on our homepage


Jeanine finelli, Health Coach

Jeanine is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and also a graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in NYC. She is also the published author of, Love Yourself to Health...with Gusto! She oversees the “Live Well” curriculum and believes that at the core of all positive and lasting change resides a deep love and respect of self. Naturally, we call her “Oprah.”


Justin Thomas, COO

Justin is an MBA graduate and certified health coach. He founded the CL Thomas Fellowship, a non-profit mentoring group that equips men to provide for others. Soon after he completed his health coaching training program he started contributing to EHOP Health’s operations. He enjoys communicating big ideas through accessible graphics, thus the nickname “InfoG.”

Health Coach Ambassadors

We have a team of certified health coach professionals around the country to provide local coaching services. These coaches also complete training to become an approved Journey 2 Health Coach.

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